"Your Life", The Musical

Perhaps there is no greater word to describe the Toddler phase than "DRAMA." Which is why your young son is going to star in his own theatrical event - inspired by the nursery rhyme of your choice.

Judges will be interested to know how the nursery rhyme you chose relates to your own child's personality, and how the song is represented in the "everyday" outfit you designed for him.

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Word Play

Homonyms are words that sound the same, but have different meanings. And while their popularity among students of the English language is only so-SEW, it SEAMS that sewing bloggers can't get enough! Which gave me the NOTION to craft this wordplay prompt! Design an outfit around the homophone pair of your choice, and then incorporate as many of them as possible

.As a hacker, judges will pay special attention to your use of patterns. Find a way to marry two patterns by the same name, or whose designers share the same name.

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 "Whodunits" are a popular form of detective fiction, in which the reader/viewer rides shotgun throughout an investigation, learning clues at the same time as the protagonist. Design an upcycled look with nods to these great detectives (or their kid-friendly spin-offs, like "Clue", Scooby Doo, or the Hardyboys) while engaging in a little "mystery" of your own. At least one article in your upcycle must be of unknown origin or content.

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Thick as Thieves

They say "two heads are better than one" - which is why you and your partner will be flexing your collaborative muscle for this project! Together, you'll pick a famous duo - real or fictitious - to inspire an outfit for your sons. Be the Starksy to your partner's Hutch, the Batman to their Robin, the Louis to their Clark. The choice is yours to make together. Good luck!

Judges will rate you equally on the individual creativity of each entry, and the cohesiveness between them both. 

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In honor of the recent Summer Solstice, we look to the heavens for sewing inspiration! Find a "star" who shares your zodiac sign, and recreate (a child-appropriate version of) one of their iconic looks.

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Spirit Animal

When early explorers met the Ojibwa people, they were fascinated (and inspired) by the Ojibwa belief in spiritual guides, the animal forms they took, and their obvious impact on Ojibwa attire. Honor this rich animistic tradition! Pick an animal you most identify with, and represent their personality, appearance, and overall presence in a complete, high-fashion ensemble.

Judges will carefully consider your strategic use of materials, structural elements, overall silhouette, as well as your photo styling and venue.

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Song Birds

"No two birds sing the same song" - just as no two seamstresses will design the same over-the-top look... because YOU will be designing a boy's "songbird" look. That is, a look inspired by a song about birds (or anything with wings.) Props strongly encouraged!

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This St Patrick's Day duel is inspired by the holiday's symbol: The Shamrock! Saint Patrick used these little green plants to preach the trinity, explaining how three separate entities can be one. 
In honor of the three (or FOUR) leaves of a Shamrock, create a women's fashion ensemble deriving inspiration from a famous trio or quartet. Think: musicians, movies, even politicians or culinary groupings. Get creative with it!

A stylists' objective is to utilize patterns, fabrics, model(s), props and settings to tell a story, as inspired by the prompt.

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Seven Wonders

The Seven Wonders of the World is a list of structures that exemplify ancient man's greatest feats of engineering and imagination. Let these structures, or any of the "wonders" of more recent lists, inspire your sewing project.
BUT. As a pioneer contestant, your entry must involve one of the "wonders" of the sewing world. Sewing inventions that exemplify man's feats in engineering and imagination include, but are not limited to: synthetic dyes, synthetic fibers, zippers, elastic, velcro, and sewing gadgets like the ruffle foot.

Challenge yourself! Select a "wonder" you have little or no experience with.

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Rebels With a Cause

Adolescents are masters of rebellion - but the concept existed well before their rebellious idols were swinging from wrecking balls and defying social norms in deli dresses. This sewing-for-tweens duel will double as a history lesson for the afflicted youth.

Sewists will design a modern outfit around a famed rebel or rebellion of the past. Rebellions may be political, social, philosophical... the possibilities are endless! Incorporate colors, textures, or overall styles of the influential period or person you choose.

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Post-Apocalyptic Styles

Bridges collapse, communication shuts down, and those fabric stores you love so much are over-run with zombies. Most survivors are hunkered down wearing whatever rags were on their backs when The End arrived, or ill-fitting garments they looted from a stranger's closet. But not your kid. Your daughter has a master upcyclist for a mother, and you're going to turn the trash around you into the most durable, functional, and stylish duds for your post-apocalyptic world.

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Mean Girls

History is filled with women we adore, whose closets we envy. But for every Princess Di and Jackie O, there's an equally fashionable counterpart we love to hate. For this "Mean Girl" challenge, design a modern, wearable, (and age appropriate) outfit inspired by the Marie Antoinettes and Kardashians of the world.

Judges will be looking for wearable designs with high-fashion elements. Take risks in your designs, and be sure to tie them into the time period, reputation, or actual closets of your inspiration.

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March Madness

This month we kick off a season known for flowers and chicks and fuzzy baby bunnies! But we can't forget the basketball extravaganza that IS March Madness. Which is why you'll design a look that honors both... a Springtime Outfit made with upcycled athletic apparel.

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Kids Say the Darndest Things

"Spaghetti Toes" has built a business designing graphics based on the crazy things said to-and-by his 2 year old. Likewise, you will seek similar inspiration to design and engineer playtime apparel and photo op for your little one. (You child doesn't speak yet? No worries! Inspiration can be found from any child!) Let your inner hacker run wild, adapting your favorite patterns to incorporate costume-y elements that bring this childhood vision to life!

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Jingle Bells

Success in sew-blogging requires more than just pretty fabrics and stitchin' skills; You also need a keen awareness of your readership, striking visuals to quickly catch their eye, and relevant, entertaining content that holds their interest. For this challenge, you will "sell" the voters on your product: a sewing entry inspired by a popular ad, catchy jingle or clever tag line.

Judges will look for evidence of advertising techniques (like repetition, humor, relate-ability, and more) in your photo-presentation and write-up.

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In like a Lion

Like most women who sew for themselves, you may have spent the winter months dreaming of sundresses, light jackets, and crafting Spring/Summer attire to compliment your warm-weather shoe collection. UNLIKE the average sewist, your visions aren't limited by what can be made in quilter's cotton or jersey knit. Oh no. You take the seasonal saying "In like a lion, out like a lamb" too seriously for that. Instead, you will be incorporating fur, wool, or leather (or their vegan cousins) into your women's-wear contest submission! 

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Hybrids are mythical creatures that combine the physical attributes of multiple species. They commanded both fear and respect, as they were thought to possess the strongest characteristics of each species within them.

In this Hacker challenge, you will create sewing legend by combining the talents and techniques of two very different sewing worlds: Quilting and Apparel. Your entry must contain obvious elements of each world. (This challenge, by its design, requires the deconstruction, reconstruction, and creative talents of a Hacker.)

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 "We know what we are, but we know not what we may be"

It's a fact that Shakespeare had upcycling in mind when he wrote this line in Hamlet.* And while it is true of your stack of re-fashionable goods, it is also true of the child you will sew for. Imagine what your child may grow to become, and refashion her an outfit to match that future.

*It's not a fact, that was entirely falsified.

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Fernweh is a German word often described as being "homesick" for a place you have never been. Pick a place (in space or time) that you have never been, or long to explore again, and let it inspire your children's garment. Entry must include at least one fabric type unique to the location you choose. 

Their objective is to incorporate multiple colors, prints, textures, and trims to create a one of a kind outfit, as inspired by the prompt.

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Climate Change

Every year you box up your warm-weather apparel and place it high in the closet to collect dust, while you reach instead for the extra bulk and layers of your winter wardrobe. You may have even done the same with your seasonal sewing patterns. Time to break those babies out and give your favorite summer patterns a winter makeover! (Or visa-versa!)

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