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{Season Review} A Double Gauze Finale

Last week I promised you a surprise.  Today Becca and I planned a Double Gauze sew off for you as the Season 3 Finale.  But we wanted it to be a GRAND finale, so we decided to make this post about Season 3 instead of us.  We may have had a small spat about who got to review which contestants (I still love you, Becca...) but in the end, we managed to agree and divide you up!  So without further ado...

PRESENTING: The Season 3 Finale!
— loud announcer voice

Audrey's Entry:

A while ago I surprised Becca with some double gauze from Imagine Gnats.  Then, when she was afraid to cut into it, I challenged her to a double gauze sew off.  I’m not sure what I was thinking!  Challenge Becca?  The sewing and creativity queen?  A professional photographer?  But the terrible gauntlet had been laid down, and it was time to get busy.  The further I got into it, the more I realized I needed to call in the big guns.

I knew Top Stitchers was a safe place to show my weapons and pull out all my ammo because it had been done before.  Twice.  First by Joni, with the deadly bat!  But that was for fighting zombies, so anything goes there.  Then when Jess showed up to the party in a mighty red automobile with a pellet gun, I knew all’s fair in love and war. 

Next it was time to make a mood board.  I turned to fellow Top Stitchers for inspiration.  Ajaire wooed me with her fall colors at their peak.    I couldn’t think of a better palette to work with.  My skirt fabric is Bouquet in Duck Egg by Alison Glass, and it pretty much captures the essence of fall colors at their peak.   My shirt is Cotton + Steel double gauze Indigo from their Bespoke collection.  Cueing off Carrie’s shiny outerwear, my hoodie fabric is French Terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  It has a subtle sheen to the exterior that makes it look like athleticwear but feel like secret pajamas.  And finally, I’m twinning with Bobbi by using fabric from the Four Corners line by Simple Simon and Co. for the lining of my clutch.  The other fabrics in the clutch are gray shot cotton from Imagine Gnats and orange suede.

Now that the sewing was over, it was time for the photoshoot.  Since Becca recommended I stop posing with trees, I again turned to the experts; my fellow Top Stitchers.  Now Teronia pretty much had the winning pose for the entire Season 4, so I knew where to turn for help.  All I have to say is, “Thanks, Teronia!” 

I’ve noticed as Season 4 progressed that props were key to good photo shoots.  And it pretty much doesn’t get cuter than little boys in white button up shirts, again inspired by Carrie.  Wait, that wasn’t a photo prop?  Oh well...  Then these two boys are a hat tip to Katy and RaeAnna.  In our household these two little boys were born right next to each other.  They remind me of R2-D2 and C-3PO sometimes.  The older one is very protective of his baby brother and tries to keep him from doing ‘bad stuff’.  The younger one is not quite good at walking yet, eager to get into mischief, and instead of talking, beeps and tootles.  Perfect as the robotic duo, right?

And I knew that the fans and readers needed to be happy too.  Apparently some people felt like Stephanie’s Little Boy Blue was lacking some farm animals.  So I just couldn’t let Season 4 end without a dairy goat and Great Pyrenees puppy somewhere in the mix.  

Finally, you may be wondering about the nitty gritty of the patterns I used?  

Shirt: Granville by Sewaholic Patterns (modified to have all seams french seams)

Skirt: Flirting the Issue free pattern from Anna Maria Horner (modified to maxi length with no lining)

Hoodie: Halifax Hoodie by Hey June Patterns 

Clutch: Fairport Pouch by Radiant Home Studio

If you’d like some behind the scenes secrets and some outtakes, please visit me at Skirt Fixation.

Becca's Entry

I have LOVED this series, and this season especially blew me away. So here I am recreating my most memorable moments from season 3, with a photo-assist from my friend and fellow Top Stitcher, Merri Poppins. Thanks, girl! Let the fun begin!

**cue the transitional harp music as we transport ourselves back in time...."

Let's start where all good stories do... at the beginning! This season kicked off with Annika's son's shore-line photo shoot. And I'll be honest, exploring the woods behind my home really made me feel like a kid again! (Only, with the grown-up's realization that there are probably a million snakes back there...)

This was the first we saw the use of a stick as a photo prop. But definitely not the last! Who can forget Michelle's Post Apocalyptic style? Audrey and I had already sewn for our double gauze sew-down, but when Michelle made my review-team line-up I knew this long-unblogged moto jacket needed to make an appearance! (I'd have recreated the fierce hand-extended-holding-a-mystery-object pose, but my son totally beat me to it!)


Of course we can't talk sticks without mentioning Kim's adorable daughter's triumphant thrust of a twig in her Bacon Ice Cream photo shoot!

But our contestant's similarities aren't just prop-related. There was significant fabric repetition as well. Let me slip into something more comfortable for this one...

Ahhh, that's better! Of course, the fabric in question is FUR! Kim, Jessica, AND Starly each brought their fur-vest-"A"-game to season three. I knew I'd have to join in on the fun with this modified swoon cardigan (which I tutorial'ed here). What's that you say? You want a better look at that double gauze blouse?? Coming right up! (Which isn't to say I serve you. After all, I am the QUEEN) 

Starly's genius was too much for one wordplay prompt. So I took the liberty of fulfilling her runner-up wordplay combo: Reign/Rain. Or as she suggested: A queen in rain gear. (It's still dying to become it's own sewing feature, but this'll do for now.) I imagine Queen Rain to be a distant cousin of another royal player in this season.... The original Mean Girl, Anne Boleyn. I'd have whipped up a neck ruffle for this occasion, but Andrea's experience sufficiently scared me away from such a task! Besides, I've got no business wearing a "statement of wealth".

Unless of course, you're talking about a WEALTH of facial hair. 


Ya, that transition was a bit of a stretch. But I couldn't cover Maegen's hacking excellence without at least covering my upper lip in some good ol' fashion facial hair. By the way - these handle bar mustaches exist outside cartoon-land. In fact, my brother's is immortalized forever in my own wedding album. Maybe my recent habit of taking goofy photos runs in the family?!  I better get back to that then!

Which is fitting, since we're closing my segment with nods to the last two sew-downs of the season. Can you guess my inspiration?? On the left is my homage to Brianne's feline spirit-animal (complete with the necklace from that entry! She and fellow top stitcher Jeanine totally conspired to get my address and surprise me with this gift! They may be total sneaks, but they're generous sneaks, and I love 'em both to bits!). But Bri's got seriously stylish shoes to fill, so I'll pick on someone my own size. Literally. I've known Merri Poppin's Jenna since she turned four, and she looked impossibly grown up in her Jingle Bells feature! If she's anything like the rest of her siblings, she'll be dwarfing me in no time. 

I am so so grateful to every one of these top stitchers, and all of those that Audrey had the honor of featuring in her post. You all made this season spectacular, and gave me lots of inspiration for a post of memorable moments. I look forward to making this a fun new end-of-season tradition!

Here's the sewing nitty gritty:

Here's the scary part...Becca and I agreed to let you give us scores too, so we could know what it feels like!  And also to have the opportunity to improve our skillz...

Before you give your ratings, here's a quick refresher of the rules!

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  • Challengers will receive an average score for each category, and an average score overall. (You can see an example here) New to Season 2 - 50% of the vote will come from 3 Top Stitcher Alumnae who volunteered to judge this season's creations!
  • Your feedback helps each challenger recognize areas that they can improve their craft, and celebrate those areas that they already excel. 
  • As such, please submit your feedback for each contestant only once. Admittedly, I cannot enforce this, but the objective is for each contestant to receive a thoughtful rating, not skewed scores. 
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