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Post-Apocalyptic Styles Prompt Inspiration

Forgive me if I'm overexcited and use too many exclamation marks, but I'm super excited to be posting my first post on the Top Stitchers blog!  I think I got a case of nervous jitters, because I asked my daughter Allegra to help me out.  She took one look at the prompts, and was inspired immediately by the Post-apocalyptic Styles Prompt.

Bridges collapse, communication shuts down, and those fabric stores you love so much are over-run with zombies. Most survivors are hunkered down wearing whatever rags were on their backs when The End arrived, or ill-fitting garments they looted from a stranger’s closet. But not your kid. Your daughter has a master upcyclist for a mother, and you’re going to turn the trash around you into the most durable, functional, and stylish duds for your post-apocalyptic world.
— Post-Apocalyptic Styles Prompt

 Take it away Allegra...

Since Post-Apocalyptic is one of my favorite style genres, I decided to do an inspiration post on the prompt. I can’t wait to see what the contestants come up with - plus girl’s fashion too!

Click on each image to be taken to it's source!

When I first saw this prompt, I immediately began thinking of alternative materials; garbage bags, tarps, sailcloth, etc. On Pinterest, I found this amazing Caution tape dress. How perfect! I mean, there’s sure to be a bountiful amount of caution tape around during the apocalypse; and this is a sure way to use what’s on hand!

Other non-fabrics are juice pouches, which might be good for clothing, but also for clutches and totes.

What about this penny and magazine page dress! A good way to use up magazine pages (other than as a toilet paper substitute!) plus the pennies give some armoring.

Another material that will probably be readily available during the apocalypse is denim. It’s sturdy, durable, and holey jeans are the perfect candidate to turn into a tough and sweet dress for a little survivor-warrior.

Have you found some un-fun white fabric somewhere in the wastelands? Dye it with some of these natural dyes, which come out as pretty subdued colors that won’t attract zombies.

Did someone disappear from your survivor group, leaving only their rather large leather jacket? They won’t be needing it, so you can re-make it into a smaller one like this for your daughter.

Of course, no little zombie-fighting fashionista is complete without accessories! You can’t make your own leather boots, (or maybe you can) but you can take old chains you find and spice up thrifted little boots.

What about a pop tab belt? Seriously, there’ll be so many pop tabs around, and there’s so many crafty ways to re-use them!

And that sweater that has too many zombie bites in it? Turn it into leg warmers or fingerless gloves for your little girl! 

Seems like the apocalypse has unlimited fashion opportunities! Now to get started…