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Spirit Animal Prompt Sew Along Inspiration

Monday we’re going to reveal the sew along prize packages.  We’re not going to say any more than that.  But you’d better get sewing, because these things are H.U.G.E.

Did you know the rules for the sew along are looser than for the contestants?  For example, you can sew for yourself even if the contestants are sewing for their 3-5 year old sons as long as you follow the theme.  With that in mind, I’ve created three different sew along inspiration looks for the Spirit Animal prompt.  Here’s that prompt:

When early explorers met the Ojibwa people, they were fascinated (and inspired) by the Ojibwa belief in spiritual guides, the animal forms they took, and their obvious impact on Ojibwa attire. Honor this rich animistic tradition! Pick an animal you most identify with, and represent their personality, appearance, and overall presence in a complete, high-fashion ensemble.
— Spirit Animal Prompt

So let’s start with a women’s look.  I absolutely love birds, so let’s say that is the spirit animal I’m going to be inspired by with my sewing. 

To echo the shape of a bird’s wings, you could sew yourself a dolman sleeve tee, like this one.  The Seafarer tee would be a great pattern to use. 

My teenage daughter put me onto the trend of bird cutouts in the back of a drop back top.  This could probably be done to a pattern like the Ravenna. 

Or how about a not so subtle feather cape?  Try this making cutouts in vegan leather. 

Of course there are many, many feather fabrics to choose from, like this canvas from Art Gallery Fabrics. 

If anyone has any pattern suggestions or ideas for making a wing bodice like this one, please let me know in the comments, because I’m pretty sure I need one in my wardrobe, but haven’t the slightest idea how to go about making it!!

Perhaps you’d like to sew for a little horse loving girl in your life.  A perfect place to start would be Jennuine Designs Haven Acres mini collection. (Affiliate link)

You could use the Anna Elise line of fabric by Bari J. to make a cute little dress.

Any piece of clothing that seemed to have a tail on it would be perfect for a little horse lover.   You could probably use this tutorial from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom as a jump off place for your jacket. 

(Shameless plug alert...) I’d love it if you used my free Pegasus Skirt pattern too.  (Can it really be a plug if it’s free?) 

And of course she would need a saddlebag purse.  The Accordian bag would be an amazing pattern to use.

What about those of us trying to sew more for our boys?  (And freshly inspired by Stephanie and Annika!)  Let’s make him a fox outfit that’ll feed his wild side. 

Fox fabric is so fun, and this knit from Girl Charlee would be great to use for just about any garment. 

A High Five Hoodie (with a fox peeking out the pockets) would top it all off perfectly! 

These raccoon elbow patches could very simply be turned into fox knee patches by changing their colors and location. 

He could use a fox scarf like this one, of course.  Imagine Gnats has the tutorial and the flannel fabric to make one too!

And these fur lined high tops would make any boy leap for joy!  See Kate Sew has the tutorial for you, I mean him!

Alright, it’s time to get sewing.  What animal will inspire you?