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Meet the Contestants: Bobbie & JaNette

Someone's got a case of the Fridays! All afternoon I've been all "SQUIRREL!" since the kids got home. But nobody wants to hear my nonsense. You're here for an intro on our 9TH,  AND FINAL contestants!! 

Bobbie and JaNette are our second "Pioneer" challengers this season - which means their focus is on skill building. In their case - they'll be learning how to inform and entertain, drawing from their favorite marketing campaign for both the sewing portion of their entry, and for the delivery!  I call it the "Jingle Bells" Challenge, and it goes a little something like this:

Success in sew-blogging requires more than just pretty fabrics and stitchin' skills; You also need a keen awareness of your readership, striking visuals to quickly catch their eye, and relevant, entertaining content that holds their interest. For this challenge, you will "sell" the voters on your product: a sewing entry inspired by a popular ad, catchy jingle or clever tag line.
Judges will look for evidence of advertising techniques (like repetition, humor, relate-ability, and more) in your photo-presentation and write-up.