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Meet the Contestants: Brianne & Teronia

Wooo!! It's our season 3 WOMEN'S sew-down! Self-care sewing is near and dear to my heart, as are both of these ladies - who I've tested with and connected with from my very first apparel sewing days. Both Brianne and Teronia are Top Stitchers alums, and both of them are gonna knock your socks off :) 

These ladies are sewing-down with their "Spirit Animal" prompt:

When early explorers met the Ojibwa people, they were fascinated (and inspired) by the Ojibwa belief in spiritual guides, the animal forms they took, and their obvious impact on Ojibwa attire. Honor this rich animistic tradition! Pick an animal you most identify with, and represent their personality, appearance, and overall presence in a complete, high-fashion ensemble.
Judges will carefully consider your strategic use of materials, structural elements, overall silhouette, as well as your photo styling and venue.

I cannot WAIT to see what they come up with!!