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Meet the Contestants: Ajaire & Starly

Wooo! It's Tuesday! And I just wrapped up my third "Expert Interview" - where I share a Blog-Star's expert commentary and insights for each sew down.  I can't wait! But you're going to have to ;) Fortunately for you, you've got not one but TWO quality interviews you can read RIGHT THIS SECOND!  So hop to it, because these are some seriously talented folk you're going to want to know:

Ajaire and Starly will be sewing for their 4-7 year old daughters in the "Wordplay" hacker sew-down:

Homonyms are words that sound the same, but have different meanings. And while their popularity among students of the English language is only so-SEW, it SEAMS that sewing bloggers can't get enough! Which gave me the NOTION to craft this wordplay prompt! Design an outfit around the homophone pair of your choice, and then incorporate as many of them as possible.

As a hacker, judges will pay special attention to your use of patterns. Find a way to marry two patterns by the same name, or whose designers share the same name.