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Meet the Contestants: Maegen & Carrie

Another week, another round of interviews! The back half of season 3 kicks off with Maegen and Carrie, in a boy's hacking sew-down. Each lady has a toddler they're sewing for, and (of course) their prompt, Kids Say the Darndest Things:

"Spaghetti Toes" has built a business designing graphics based on the crazy things said to-and-by his 2 year old. Likewise, you will seek similar inspiration to design and engineer playtime aparel and photo op for your little one. Inspiration can be found from your model, a sibling, cousin, or neighbor, or even the biggest kid in your home - Daddy! Let your inner hacker run wild, adapting your favorite patterns to incorporate costume-y elements that bring this childhood vision to life!

But before we get to see the pretties these gals sew up, let's take a minute to meet the contestants! As it turns out, they have lots in common: