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Meet the Contestants: Kim & Jessica

Over the top sew-downs are ALWAYS a crowd pleaser - so this season, we have scheduled TWO! The first is a younger girl's challenge, with two of the best kid-fashion gurus I know:

Both Kim and Jessica are new to the series, but if you follow the indie pattern scene, you're no stranger to their talent! These awesome ladies are sewing-down to the ridiculously-named prompt: "Bacon Ice Cream"

You are chef of your own test kitchen. And your goal? Is to find two completely unexpected sewing ingredients that combine to form an explosive feast for the eyes to enjoy.
Combine distinct fashion influences, fabrics types, and sewing techniques to maximize your scores from the judges.

Skirt Fixation totally nailed their sewalong inspiration post with this prompt - if you're looking to get out of a sewing rut - come back and read this post after Kim and Jessica's interviews to get your sew-jo juices flowing :)

We'll be back next week with the second half of our season 3 contestants! Have a great weekend! XOXOXO