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Meet the Contestants: Stephanie & Annika

We have so much awesome talent participating this season, I can hardly contain my excitement! And, with just two weeks until the premier sew-down, it's about time we make some introductions! Only, instead of the standard me-post-their-bio, I thought maybe it'd be fun this season to have the challengers interview one another. Read on for those links!

Our first sew-down features Stephanie, owner/designer of Koerbs Brothers Stitch Designs, and Annika, blogger at Naeh Connection. Both these women have adorable toddler boys they'll be sewing for in a couple weeks. This is their prompt:

"Your Life", The Musical

Perhaps there is no greater word to describe the Toddler phase than "DRAMA." Which is why your young son is going to star in his own theatrical event - inspired by the nursery rhyme of your choice.

Judges will be interested to know how the nursery rhyme you chose relates to your own child's personality, and how the song is represented in the "everyday" outfit you designed for him.