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{New Years Party} Katy Kat Style

2015 has been QUITE the year! I kicked off the year with Paisley Roots's Taylor Swift sewing challenge, and haven't stopped theme sewing since!

See the other fun TSwizzle entries here!

See the other fun TSwizzle entries here!

So it's fitting then, that I'd keep dancing right through the New Year to this little diddy - a Katy Perry inspired sewing blog tour:

I've got friend and Topstitcher Melissa (Rebel & Malice) to thank for this idea - and recruiting so much awesome talent to participate. I know she had grand plans for this project and I hope to be half the host she'd have been in her stead. Without further ado, let me introduce the lovely ladies sewing up Katy styles for your entertainment for the next two days! If you've followed the sewing challenges here at Sewing Stadium, I think you'll recognize quite a few of the names ;)

New Year's Eve

Blog Host: Becca at Sewing Stadium
Cassie at Lily Shine Boutique
Miranda at Inspinration
Starly at Sew Starly

New Year's Day

Ajaire at Call Ajaire
Candice at Candice Ayala
Shelly at Sew Shelly Sew
Dorothea at Bonnie & Lottie
Jeanine at The Crafting Fiend
Audrey at Skirt Fixation

As for you, the reader?? You get to do some songstress sewing yourselves! Use these pretty sweet prizes from our Sponsors to get the job done:

First up! The Antalya dress by Coffee and Thread! Katy loves her princess seams and so do we - try this dress in cobalt blue and bright red piping, a la.....

Or maybe you share Katy's affinity for Asian styles? This Chalk and Notch Kimono pattern ought to do the trick!

Perhaps.. in this tiger fabric??

Mabel Madison is generously donating a yard of this knit - ROAR, baby! While you're hanging out in Emily's fabric shop - consider picking up this Carousel panel, too. It'd go beautifully with Sponsor Hello Holli's Blue Ridge Dress! (Andrea made a beautiful knit version of this woven dress, here!)

Maybe you're like Brianne, and a DARK CAT is more your style?? Try the Ani-mazing Bundle from Little Lizard King - lots of options for customizing this adorable suspender skirt:

Sponsor Filles à Maman has your answer for a Katy-Inspired bodice ruffle with this newer release - the Petit Oiseau Pattern:

How hot is this sponsor bundle!? Some may say it's so hot... it'll "melt your popsicle"! Which means you'll need IGGY to round things off:

This new release from Stitch Art couldn't be more perfect, but it's Katy colors and design fit our theme perfectly! New to FMA? Scare to try? Let me hold your hand through your first go, with this tutorial. And, while I DOUBT you'll need it for this project - if you do mis-stitch your first applique, our friends at Wayne Avenue Woodshop have hand crafted a beautiful seam ripper just for you: (designs may vary)

Enticed!? I don't blame you! That's almost $100 worth of awesome right there! Come back tomorrow to enter the giveaway! In the meantime, shop your closet and share your handmade Katy Perry styles! We're having all kinds of fun over on Instagram: