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{results} Word Play

I don't think I've laughed at (with!) a sew-down this much since Gemia & Maegen's boys faced off in their "Who Dun' It?" challenge last season. But then, I'm a pun-lover, so this was totally up my alley :D Let's see what our judges loved about this week:


"Every piece is well executed and adorable.  I love how creatively you took the prompt and faced it head-on without hesitation.  You met the challenge and Made some really adorable pieces for your girl!  its definitely a wardrobe building look."

"Loved how you interpreted the "peak" in your challenge, using the colorful fabric for the tights. The combination of colours in the vest was absolutely beautiful, one of my favorite pieces from the outfit together with the jacket. I'm not sure about those shorts though, something didn't work for me in there. You used your prompt perfectly though, in theme, patterns... great job lady!"

"Each piece was so cleverly thought through, I am thoroughly impressed how you managed to do that. It was a tricky prompt but you seemed to roll with it with creative intelligence.
It certainly is an eclectic mix and although all the pieces worn together are not to my taste, each garment on it's own has merit. The hoodie being my favourite, the mash up works brilliantly with the addition of the snap placket. 
The second shot of your daughter behind the out of focus leaves is beautiful. The colours, her eyes... it's worth framing that one."


"It was a very difficult prompt to work with, so I can totally understand why inspiration didn't flow immediately. But I think you picked an amusing homophone in the end to giving you scope to create something out of the ordinary. Good job on managing to find fabric that worked so well for your concept."

"You came out with the cutest prompt interpretation. The vest is for sure the star, the bag looks adorable too. This is an outfit every little girl would love to wear. Love how neat your seams look. "

"You worked with one of my favorite color pallets so POINTS!  I also love that you played with different textures. I can tell you put a lot of thought into your prompt and I think you pulled it off nicely."

Alright, alright, enough jibber jabber! Congratulations on your scores my lovelies! 



The judges have assembled another awesome list of sewing tips for you all inspired by this week's projects!

Have a GREAT weekend, we'll see you back here next week for another awesome sew-down! XOXO, Becca