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{results} Jingle Bells

It's that time again! Another sew-down, another results post! A Vision to Remember (Bobbie) and Merri Poppins (JaNette) did great work rallying votes during a chaotic holiday week. Thank you both for that, and special thanks to our readers for taking the time tune in during your travels to lend our challengers your kind words! (Haven't read it yet?? GO DO SO NOW!)

As our Pioneer challengers, these women were tasked with pushing their own limits, and growing their (sewing, photography, blogging, and promotional) skills. I'm so proud of them both for doing just that! But I could gush forever - so let's let the judges say their piece:

Feedback For JaNette

"I've said it before and will say it again, sometimes, less is more, and this is the case with the white dress. It is perfect just as is, and don't worry, we can see all the beautiful details. I was impressed with how well finished this was." 

"It's amazing how you can change the whole look of a dress by your choice of fabric. You've made a Rock and Roll dress look angelic. And with the addition a cotton tail friend, it is very sweet."

"Love the pureness of the white cotton clip dot fabric & the added touch of the cotton-tailed friend.  JaNette did a great job incorporating the meaning of the jingle with her selections of fabric and style."

Feedback for Bobbie

"I am not sure what your jingle was, but that poem made me laugh. Poor kid! *hehe* The fabric is gorgeous, but I wish you had spent the time to match your pattern in the dress. Your photos would totally sell the dress to me though. They are great. "

"Oh my goodness! That poor child out in the snow with bare arms and bare legs. However I did find your jingle funny."

"The poem is perfection! And use of props is on point with the frame and finding the perfect location with the snow."

Please join me in congratulating our challengers! Your high marks are well deserved. 


This week, the judges want to help you....