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{Paisley Roots} Ugly Sweater Contest

Top Stitchers Sew Downs concluded yesterday, but the fun isn't over here at Sewing Stadium! Karly of Paisley Roots is hosting an Ugly Sweater Contest throughout the month of December. Check it out!!

One Holiday tradition that's been really growing on me is the ugly sweater contests. I've never been to one, but come on, the imagination and creativity that goes into these sweaters is amazing and since I'm not likely to be invited to an ugly sweater party any time soon, I figured, why not have one of my own?? 

I know many of you will be heading out to Ugly Sweater Parties and if not, this is a great holiday craft to do with the kids. I enlisted the help of my friends daughter for Paisleys, but she's fired. It's just not ugly. Her other daughter has promised pure ugliness for Judes ugly sweater, so we'll be posting his and the other kids each week. 

So lets get down to the nitty gritty. 
The contest starts December 1st and will end December 31st at 11:59 MST. 
It wouldn't be a contest without a prize, so I am offering up a mystery pack of fabric and some goodies to the winner. 

 So now, LINK UP!!!