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{results} Spirit Animal

I love women's sewing, and boy do I love THESE women, and what they sewed! The colors, the styling, the JEWELRY MAKING? (whaaaaaaaaaaaat??) I couldn't be prouder of how these ladies tackled their prompt, and based on the overwhelming response from the public - you couldn't either! Let's see what the judges thought:

Feedback for Brianne

"I can see your inspiration clearly in your look.  It's super trendy and fits your style well.  Such a cute date night dress!  The accents of gold are perfect and dress it up a bit."

"This outfit worked so well, it is in fact simple, but sometimes less is more. I like how you've incorporated the subtle gold details to it, taking us to the egiptian cat image. I think the clutch won't look better with any embroidery. Good choices here. "

"I admire that you were brave enough to make something simple for the competition, which is refreshing to see. I like your dress and appreciate it's Egyptian cat qualities."

Feedback for Teronia

"You found an excellent way of imitating a peacock in high fashion dress and I love how you followed the theme through to your modelling. I do hope there was no one behind you for your last shot, lol!!!"

"I love the punch of color here!  The peacock is a proud animal and you carried yourself in your photos well.  A Peacock inspiration could have gone terrible wrong, but you kept it from flying way out there.  You would totally stand out in a crowd in that dress (in a good way).    I like that you mimicked the animal's shape and attitude.  Great job!"

"What a magnificent animal inspiration and congratulations on translating it into your creation so perfectly. One could think the fabric is too obvious, but not only the fabric makes the dress. The tail was a wonderful idea, and the overall shape of the piece really reminds me of the animal. "


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This judge must have known I'm a sucker for fancy yoga arm balances, because she chose this "spirit animal" yoga pose video to share! (For the record, I've tried this, and it's NOT as easy as this guy makes it looks!)

The TS season is coming to a close next week - so be sure to get in your sewalong entries and win some seriously impressive prizes, and tune in next week for our FINAL SEW DOWN OF THE SEASON! Happy weekend everyone :)