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{results} Mean Girls

That's a wrap on our S3 Over The Top sew-downs! OTT contests are always a crowd pleaser, and this week's entries did not disappoint! Both sewists had and impressive detail work, and impeccable photography that dazzled our judges. Here's what they had to say about Jess and Andrea's looks:

Feedback for Jess

"The Bonnie and Clyde inspiration was evident immediately, which means you succeeded in what you set out to achieve. Your excellent choice of patterns created a very convincing 1930's look. The car and the gun were the icing on the cake."

"I just love your subject matter.  I don't think any girl has ever been meaner.  But to take that horrid human being and make me "awwwwww" means success here!  She fits the time period beautifully and I love the simple color palette and styling. Completely lining the dress was a good's so clean and crisp on the edges. The pictures are stunning and I love your big giant beautiful automotive prop.  I think you did a fantastic job on presentation."

"Jess's cardigan and hat were great so well constructed" 

Feedback for Andrea

"Andrea, you nailed it. I only wish the 'B' pendant could have been a little less prominent, it slightly over powered the look. But I'm just nitpicking so you still got full marks from me ;-)"

"Although I don't consider Anne Boleyn a "Mean Girl" but just a victim of circumstance, this is definitely the over the top "WOW" that's needed to an OTC challenge. There are many time consuming and difficult elements and I can tell you tried to push yourself.  I totally appreciate that!  The color scheme is divine and I love that the girl isn't over-styled.  You let the clothes do the talking and sometimes they're they only things that need to speak."

"Andrea's dress is a wonderful party dress." 

Without further ado, help me congratulate our sewists on their scores!! 


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