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{results} Post-Apocalyptic Styles

I'm in denial. I refuse to believe this challenge concludes this morning! I guess I'm just going to have to sew along with the prompt to keep it alive longer :) (Allegra has awesome ideas for that, by the way!) I'm in so much awe over these creations, Jonie and Michelle really knocked it out of the park this week.

***IF YOU DIDN'T SEE THIS SEW-DOWN YET, DON'T SPOIL THE FUN FOR YOURSELF! Go back and experience the awesome stitching talent as it's meant to be enjoyed!***

Here's what the judges had to say: 

"Jonie had some great ideas and was super ambitious taking on all of those pieces- you can tell she worked hard.  Those pants are great and I just love the pop of pink.  Clean top-stitching there from what I can see.  I just wish I could have seen more of them out of those boots!"

"The post­-apocalyptic look has definitely been achieved, helped by a great location and good use of props.

 I'm impressed by the amount of pieces you made, but the Cargo pants are my favourite. All those pockets being necessary for storing weapons and ammunition. 

The added pink is a nice touch which I imagine Miss G was very happy with.

Completing both outfits all from clothes that were upcycled is very commendable indeed."

"What I liked best about Jonie's pieces were their wearability. I think the look, meets the zombie hunter thing she had in mind, perfectly, and her attention to details was great. I like the pop of pink and the Z.O.R.T. on the back. "

"I absolutely love the use of unconventional materials.  In a post apocalyptic world, we'd use whatever we could find.  Michelle is in my group during the zombie apocalypse- I claim her.  I felt that it conveyed the prompt, but also gave me something to want to wear outside of a theme as well. It is super stylish!  I also love the use of color.  There was lots of contrast, so the items stood out on their own. The pants and all of their aesthetically pleasing and functional elements were so so cool and clever.  Well done!"

"The effective use of styling for your post apocalyptic look is brilliant, from the hair to the make up, the model and the poses, the fabrics used and the location. 
The introduction was gripping and there was so a lot of well considered detail in your garments. I think you nailed it."

"Michelle did not disappoint, in fact she just blew me away with the use of unusual materials and her great sense of upcycling. There are no words, she simple went beyond the expected. "

Have I made you wait long enough!? Please join me in congratulating our sewists on their scores!!


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