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{results} Kids Say The Darndest Things

AND, WE'RE BACK! Sorry for the delay, folks. Pets don't tend to get very sick at convenient times, do they!? Anyway, here we are with our FINAL SCORES for this week's sew-down contestants! Didn't catch Tuesday's sew-down? Go read it now before I spoil your fun!

Feedback for Maegen

"That's a lot of sewing. There are a few high point details in this look. I love how wearable but fun everything looks. Those jeans (with the alterations you made) are just perfect, the pattern on your jacket matches perfectly as well. Congratulations!"

"The long johns are my favourite part of your outfit. They look great in the traditional red. Maybe if the placket was longer (down to the waist) it would be easier to get in to.

I actually really like the odd buttons on the shirt and reusing the jeans tag and customising it, is a neat idea. Everything works really well together as a complete look."

"I really love this design!  The jeans are VERY well done and I think it's the perfect little layered look for the fall.  Excellent!"

Feedback for Carrie

"OH MY GOSH!  Don't know what's cuter: the outfit or his comeback!  The whole outfit is so much fun without wondering into costume territory and I just LOVE the use of that jacket fabric.  So awesome!  The fantastic beach sign made me giggle =) As far as technique, everything looks pretty clean to me.  I'm a big fan of clean!"

"This was so cool, I love the not too costumy shark look. I found it quite smart.  Is the fin removable? If it is it makes it even better, if not, I would think of a way to do it. "

"I really like how you translated the words of a child into an outfit. Yes, he looks pretty sharp to me. Instantly recognisable as a shark, but not the obvious shark costume. Your choice of fabric works particularly well for the blazer and the cap finishes off the look nicely. Well done."

AND NOW THE MOMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! I want to congratulate our Top Stitchers on their scores! Won't you join me? Leave them some love in the comments :) 

But Wait, There's More!

Check out the helpful resources the judges have suggested this week. 

  • Learn to match prints at garment seams with this Sewaholic article
  • Check out this great Freezer-Paper-Stencil illustrated tutorial on the Needle & Ted blog.
  • Ditch the "Sharp" looking Shark for it's more casual cousin, the Shark Hoodie tutorial on Make It Love It
  • "I thought this [Paint The Moon article]was a fun read for anyone blogging and taking their own photos.  I really liked how both ladies layered and used accessories and great color for their shoots"

I hope you and yours have a fun, safe Halloween - and that you'll join us again next week for another Top Stitcher Tuesday sew-down! XOXO, Becca