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{prize package #3} Crowd Favorite - $200+ value


Perhaps it’s because Becca and I can’t officially sew along and compete for prizes, that I have so much fun making and pretending to spend these prize packages.  Today it’s Prize Package #3.  The judges for this package are you, the readers!  That’s right, this prize package will be awarded to the sew along contestant from the Inlinkz link up whose creation gets the mosts hearts.  Here's a review of what's included in prize package #3:

Prize #3: (from Inlinkz - Crowd Favorite)

$50 gift certificate Urban Sew

$50 value (approximate) fabric bundle from Fat Quarter Shop

3 patterns from Lil Luxe Collection

2 patterns from Paisley Roots

2 patterns from Koerbs Brothers Stitch Designs

2 patterns from Mama Quail Patterns

1 pattern from Shaffer Sisters

1 pattern from Scientific Seamstress

1 pattern from Pienkel


The perfect place to start is with one of the 3 PDF patterns from Lil Luxe Collection, the new Mini Button Up Blouse.  To me, it is just begging to be sewn up with Bird's Eye Balmy Nani Iro from Urban Sew.

The All Spice Dress from Paisley Roots would be so very fun in some Bound Midnight Fringe from Fat Quarter Shop.  While we don't know what will be in the mystery fabric bundle from Fat Quarter Shop (we asked them to choose something awesome!) it might be some Art Gallery Fabrics like this one from April Rhodes!

The On Point Penley from Koerbs Brothers Stitch Designs is a brand new pattern and Becca can attest to it's awesomeness!  It would look so fab in this navy and aqua stripe fabric by Riley Blake from Urban Sew.


Next up I've chosen the Looseleaf Knapsack pattern from Mama Quail Patterns.  Wouldn't it be totally awesome in this Kokka Echino deer fabric from Urban Sew?  Oh, and you'd have to be sure to get some Kraft Tex too for the accents.  Is it paper, is it fabric, is it leather, or pleather?  I don't know, but I've been seeing all the excitement about this substance, and I've got some on order, so I'll let you know!


Last week I showed you a gathered version of the Betty Skirt by Shaffer Sisters.  There is also a pleated version, and it would look simple amazing in this Canyon Agave fabric from Fat Quarter Shop.


To dispel any notion that you were spending all you winnings on yourself, you could use your pattern from Scientific Seamstress to get a Marco Shirt for your sweetie.  It'd be perfect in this gingham from Fat Quarter Shop for upcoming holiday events.

And finally, probably my favorite sponsor for Season 3 of Top Stitchers, Pienkel.  (If you go to her shop you'll figure out why I have such a FIXATION with this sponsor.  Get it?  Fixation?)  And the Dyyni skirt just begs to be sewn up in fun fabrics like the new Four Corners fabrics over at Urban Sew.  Now if you take away nothing else from this post, I really want to impress on you the need to follow Urban Sew on Instagram and sign up for their newsletter.  If you don't do these, you will miss out on things like the CRAZY GOOD 30% off everything sale Urban Sew just had!!!  Go, sign up & follow N.O.W.

Okay, I’ve had my fun, now are you ready to get sewing along?  Becca and I are sewing along even though we can’t win!  For inspiration, see Becca’s Post Apocalyptic boy outfit.  And I’ve sewn something for Spirit Animal, Thick as Thieves, and Kid’s Say the Darndest Things. If you check out our posts, you'll see how easy it is to sew along and put yourself in the running for over $600 in awesome prizes!  Which theme will you be sewing along with?