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{results} Bacon Ice Cream

The grossest (most delicious!?) titled sew-down has come to an END! These women (and their models) did so well turning a very open-ended prompt into well thought out, downright magical visions of sewing excellence. (Wow. That's a'lotta praise packed into one sentence.) I can't tell if I'm more impressed by how unique they are, and how true they are to each competitor's signature style - or how for a SECOND WEEK IN A ROW, the challenger's looks featured the same sewing project or technique. (Last week it was the reverse appliques, this week it's fur vests!)

I can't wait to see what you all thought of their looks! (Yup, at the time I'm writing this, I still haven't tallied all the scores. I'll find out right along with you at the end!) But first - let's see what the judges thought:

Feedback for Kim:

"I like that you took the theme to new places by paring Boho with OTT.  It was a bold move and I think you came up with some great pieces.  Pushing boundaries leads to some pretty cool things."

"Going with the boho/hipster/hippie look was great. It really was an unexpected combination, and fresh. This was risky and you could end up with a pretty clown-like outfit, but you made it though, you were able to make something unique and fun for your little one. That's great. "

"There is so much happening in your look, I find it intriguing, I just can't stop looking at it. I can not figure out what is going on. It's crazy, it's random, it's cool. I can't help but like it, it totally fascinates me. I'm so glad you choose not to go down the 'frilly princess' road. You chose to be original and I admire that. The mish mash of fabrics makes me want to call the fashion police, but you know what? It works."

Feedback for Jessica:

" I love the soft color pallet and that you went out of your comfort zone on materials.  Pushing yourself into new territories and conquering them is what being a Top Stitcher is all about.  I also love the softness of your photos even though your look is OTT. "

"I really liked that you used fur for your project. I would have loved if you had risked it a bit more mixing it with another fabric that'd be new to you. The vest and dress go together perfectly.  Your overall look is just amazing!"

"Your photography is beautiful and the outfit is certainly over the top, but great that your girls are still able to wear it as an everyday outfit. 

That fur looks very difficult to handle but from the result it seems like you managed with ease.
It may have not been intentional but what I think works really well for the bacon ice cream prompt is that your girls are wrapped up warm with a fur collar yet their shoulders are exposed. 

Well done for 'taming the beast' and choosing to make something outside your comfort zone"

Gosh these girls are just adorable - and their mamas are so darn talented! Let's give them a round of applause for their Sewing Stadium PREMIERE, and  their impressive marks:


This week, the judges want to help you all kick off your own fur-sewing affair! Start your fur sewing research with Seams & Scissors was referred TWICE, then check out what the Craftsy blog has to say on the subject. Round off your week's sewing education with some Boho Essentials, courtesy of College Fashion.

Lastly - don't forget to grab your FREE Lil Luxe Collections fur vest pattern, and see how you can sew the whole thing with ONE SEAM using Shearling. Happy sewing!! XOXO