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{results} "Your Life" - The Musical

What a fun week this has been! Season 3 kicked off with our first Expert Interview, another inspiring Sew Along post, and OF COURSE, the battle of the beautiful, blonde, baby boys! Annika and Stephanie wow'ed us all with their detail work, creativity, and overall vision for their son's "Your Life" The Musical contest entries. Let's hear from our judges! (Click the images below to see more entry details on each challenger's blog!)

"Stephanie, it is great to see you used techniques that were new to you, and that you mastered them like you've been doing them for years. Congratulations. Making jeans can be tricky sometimes, but yours look awesome. The FMA is certainly a fun detail, I loved it. Overall it is a great look for a toddler, and I would definitely put it on my own too."

"Stephanie took her son's personality and produced a very sweet, yet tough, boy look.  It was wonderfully sewn and very well coordinated. The tiny details brought out the prompt, but didn't get too kitschy.  Just fantastic."

"I think your look fits the brief well, all the way down to the photoshoot. I like the added denim detail on the shirt and those little touches like the felt sheep and the embroidered horn really help to complete your 'Little Boy Blue' look."

"Annika, your choices were perfect and the combination of all the pieces worked pretty well. I loved to read about all the fun details you added to every single piece. I personally like linning on vests better, but that is personal taste. Overall I really loved your look, and that's one I would really like to copy for my own kids. Congratulations. "

"Annika was just phenomenal.  Everything was well sewn and neat and tidy.  It's a really cool look with many components. Numbers of pieces aren't the most important and if they had looked rushed, the number wouldn't have been a factor.  The fact that they are all impeccably sewn made all the difference.  Also, I love the detail shots.  I can see every seam, every loose thread (if there were any- bravo ladies for staying on top of that), and every possibly wavy hem (again...on top of it, Girls!).  Annika's were slightly more revealing and I think that makes for a better presentation.  It makes the seamstress more transparent and vulnerable- and when I still don't see flaws, I'm impressed."

"Wow! So much detail and so much work went into your Little Hans outfit. Each piece so carefully considered and beautifully made. Love your colour scheme and the fabrics that you chose. And that backpack, I want it for myself."

Congratulations to both sewists! You earn your high marks! Please join me in congratulating our challengers - leave them love in the comments!


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