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{results} Thick as Thieves

Star Wars hit Top Stitchers for a second time (go see the first, here)this week with a double-droid-whammy! I just loved what these challengers created individually - and the theme and sewing elements that tied them together for a cohesive look. The judges loved them too! See what they had to say...

"Super fun!  I'm big into geek culture and I love that this theme was chosen.  No two robots were more iconic than these two!"

"What a great pair these ladies made this week. I admit, I must be the only person in the world who is not familiar with Star Wars, and I had to google the droids to know what you ladies were talking about. And as soon as I saw them, my jaw was dropped. You nailed it! Looking at these two creations together made total sense even though one of you went with the costume and the other with a more daily wear look."

Feedback for Katy:

"I really liked the nod to the new Star Wars Trailer in the inclusion of the red arm.  I was confused for a second, but thank goodness I read =)  The hoodie is great for costume or for wearing with some jeans and just being a fanboy.  The detail of having the ribbons be 3 dimensional was a great idea!  It totally gives that wire look.  Overall, I think it was uber creative and unmistakably C3P0"

"I have a thing for sewing costumes, and I believe Katy's is an excellent one. I love how she used the reverse appliqué to make all the details pop out. Using ribbon to pretend wires was genius too. Good job!"

"Sorry to hear that your son got sick during the shoot, but as a trooper you still managed to complete on time. Your beach location was perfect. Well done for attempting something out of your comfort zone."

Feedback for RaeAnna:

"Your inspiration was obvious to anyone!  That's always important.  I do like the casual look of it without being too costume-y.  You totally captured the look you were after.  The red piping on the pants was a great little detail to add a little bit of pzazz.  Reverse applique was the absolutely right call for R2-D2's buttons and lights."

"The idea of making a daily wear look was a good one. I like how RaeAnna has incorporated the droid's details into the t-shirt by using the reverse appliqué as well. I have to be honest though, and knowing RaeAnna for a while now, I think she could do better on the finishing touches (like the topstitching). "

"I like how it's a more wearable look rather than a costume. But I feel the finish could have been neater on the t-shirt. The choice of pattern for the pants works well with the ability to use different blocks of colour. I especially like the use of denim on the back yoke."

Without further ado, please join me in congratulating the sewists on their scores! 

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